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Getting ready for the first cut

In March or April, when the sun warms up the soil and the temperatures regularly exceed 8 degrees Celsius, the lawn slowly starts to grow. It is now time to mow the lawn for the first time after the winter break.

However, the first cut should only be made approximately two weeks after the lawn has sprouted. Many base this on the first spring flowers such as tulips or daffodils: the lawn is only mown for the first time when these have lost their petals.

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Chelsea Flower Show 19th – 23rd May

The show has become an important venue for watching emerging gardening trends. New plants are launched and the popularity of older varieties are revived.

It’s the garden design equivalent of Paris Fashion Week and is staged in one of London’s most charming and affluent neighbourhoods.

The last Chelsea Flower Show saw an installation at the Great Pavilion paings homage to the centenary of the First World War, with a garden featuring wartime memorabilia, poppies and representations of the trenches.

Other highlights included a herb garden inspired by Beatrix Potter’s tales of Peter Rabbit, and Matt Keightley’s Hope on the Horizon display that was inspired by his brother’s experiences as a serviceman in Afghanistan.

Chelsea Flower Show Website

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